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Polish Concrete QLD

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Licenced, Insured & Professional. Polish Concrete a trendy way of turning a concrete slab into a key decorative feature of a home. Ultimately the cosmetic finish of a Polish concrete floor varies with how the stone was seeded into the concrete slab, as grinding down the slab to find stone will reveal where an uneven spread of seed whilst laying has occurred.

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Industrial Concrete Flooring

For industrial applications, polished concrete is long lasting, easy to clean and virtually maintenance free. From warehouses, schools, and restaurants to manufacturing facilities, automotive shops, and showroom floors, polished concrete ideal for the needs of any business.

Residential Concrete Flooring

At home, polished concrete is a robust, efficient floor surface that eliminates the need for wood, carpet, tile, or other flooring materials that require replacement, maintenance, and unforgiving cleaning chemicals. Ordinary concrete floors provide long-lasting beauty and ease of maintenance-plus supplementary eco-friendly benefits.

Understanding Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing has been in use for slightly more than a decade. It was first used in warehouses to eliminate dusting, increase lighting, reduce ware on equipment, and to create a enduring, low maintenance, coating-free flooring solution. Developments in concrete polishing technology have allowed tradesmen the ability to add color, decorative saw cuts, and specialty aggregate that later gets exposed by grinding. Because of these advances, the process of honing concrete is now being promoted as a flooring solution to other markets such as retail, restaurants, schools, office buildings, and residential homes. The result is a functional aesthetically pleasing flooring solution.

Polished concrete starts with the preparation of the concrete surface, the act of changing an existing concrete surface by means of a mechanical process that involves cutting and/or refining the surface to a desired finish. Polished concrete is one of many end results in the preparation of the concrete surface by mechanical refinement using multiple abrasives that are measured in grits (much like sand paper for woodworking). Grits are applied from roughest to finest and each girt density refines the concrete surface in preparation for the ultimate surface finish desired. When processing concrete to achieve a fully polished finish, one that has clarity of reflection and durability, a contractor will use six to nine different grits depending on many factors. During the process, a densifier is applied that creates a crystalline structure within the pores of the concrete to make it denser, thereby increasing the concrete stain resistance. The densifier also fills in micro surface imperfections, making the surface more uniform and helping attain clarity of reflection and durability.

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