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Want to transform your drab slab into a FAB slab? Let Abcoz Epoxy Flooring’s trained and professional members help you. Give your concrete slab a facelift, It will completely transform your concrete slab.
Is your slab Cracked? Stained? Painted? Covered already? Abcoz Epoxy Flooring can correctly, safely and cleanly strip and prepare your slab to be coated and made new.
Typically Seamless Flake Flooring also known as Epoxy Flooring is applied to most concrete slabs within the Residential market. This is the most popular choice because of the quantity of combinations you can choose from. It completely converts a concrete slab to a floor which can be used as an extra room. Turn your garage into another respectable room of your home. 

Epoxy Floors are perfectly suited to:

- Garages
- Sheds
- Rumpus Rooms
- Pathways
- Man Caves
- Workshops 

- Family Rooms
- Patio’s
- Courtyards
- Under Homes
- Carports
- Driveways
- Pool Surroundings
- Verandahs 

An Epoxy Floor is a very easy to maintain floor, as a Seamless floor oil spills from cars, tires, dirt and any sorts of grime can be wiped off/ swept of and in most cases just blown away.
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phone: 0434 097 269   Qbcc: 150 621 68
AcN: 624 237 547

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