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Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast


Abcoz Epoxy Flooring Pty Ltd

A Sunshine Coast based business. Licenced, Insured & Professional. Specialising in Epoxy Floors. Epoxy Flooring commonly applied within more industrial and commercial spaces. Epoxy is the base product used within ‘Flake Flooring’ although applied without the decorative layer used in ‘Flake Flooring’. Most commonly this is laid without a sealant coat although this is an optional extra. The main purpose of the plain color epoxy coating is to strengthen the top layer of the concrete, and to have an easy to maintain floor. As this is plain it is rarely applied on its own in residential. Ensuring correct preparation via captive diamond grinding is the key to an industrial strength epoxy floor
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phone: 0434 097 269   Qbcc: 150 621 68
AcN: 624 237 547


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