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Flake Flooring Sunshine Coast


What is Seamless Flake Flooring?

Abcoz Epoxy Flooring a Sunshine Coast based business. Licenced, Insured & Professional. Specialising in Flake Flooring.

Flake flooring commonly found within most residential areas applied on top of a concrete surface. This is still an Epoxy Floor although there are decorative Vinyl flakes used to spruce up the plain base colour known as Flaking. Then two polyurethane seal coats applied on top, if you’re looking for someone to do this for your garage it is essential to make sure that the sealer they are using is;

UV Stabilised
Non – Yellowing

This ensures the long-term finish of the floor. Commonly found among subpar floors is a yellow front edge from Sun damage. Tip: Contract Abcoz Epoxy Flooring to avoid this. This finish result of this process is a Seamless Flake Floor (AKA Seamless Epoxy Floor). 

Our Flake Floors are completed through varies stages of operation to  ensure the highest quality. 

Stage 1: Grind and prime. 

Stage 2: Prime & broadcasting of the Flake a.k.a Flek.

Stage 3: Sealant coating.

This Process is completed over 3-4 Days, and is typically non walk-able in-between coats. 

- Abcoz Epoxy Flooring Sunshine Coast -

Our floor coatings system is heavy-duty, long lasting and incredibly resistant, whilst having the benefit of a non-porous, easy-to-clean floor. 


phone: 0434 097 269   Qbcc: 150 621 68
AcN: 624 237 547

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QBCC: 150 621 68
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