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Floor Stripping - Floor Preparation 


Not a pretty process. But a prerequisite for almost any flooring solution.

Abcoz Epoxy Flooring Pty Ltd services extend to Floor Stripping and Concrete Grinding. We understand that the thorough, efficient and clean completion of your job is essential to maintain the flow of your project, build and/ or business.

We maintain quality dust extraction systems which maintain cleanliness and minimise the fine dust impact and thereafter clean-up of your premises. We are committed to health and safety for our customers and workers and have built a reputation for fast effective service.

We have high quality concrete grinding equipment which is used for the removal of any existing toppings or coatings like;

Paving Paint
Tile, Carpet & Vinyl Glues

Additionally our concrete grinding equipment can assist with;

Restoration or a very spoiled and dirt slab
Grinding down of aggregate
Humps/ high spot reduction

If you are looking for professionals to assist you with your floor preparation, give Abcoz a call today on 0434 097 269

- Abcoz Epoxy Flooring Pty Ltd -

Services Include:

- Concrete Grinding

- Coating/ Paint Removal

- Tile Glue Removal

- Lip Reduction

- Spray Pave & Cover Crete Removal

- Humps & High Spots in Concrete


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phone: 0434 097 269   Qbcc: 150 621 68
AcN: 624 237 547

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QBCC: 150 621 68
ACN: 624 237 547
Phone: 0434 097 269